Monday, March 18, 2013

New hotel near Apple's HQ sports Apple TVs in rooms

A new hotel just around the corner from Apple's Cupertino headquarters is using Apple TV set top boxes in guest rooms.

A hotel near Apple's headquarters in Cuperino, Calif. is now using some of the iPhone and iPad maker's home entertainment technology in its rooms.
Starwood Hotels' Aloft hotel has put an Apple TV in all 123 of its rooms, the company said today.
Of note, the hotel is located is located on the same block as some one of Apple's external campus buildings, and just two blocks from the headquarters on Infinite Loop.
"Guests can choose among thousands of movies and TV shows from iTunes, connect to Netflix for films, Hulu for television shows, for sports, and much more," Starwood said in a release this morning. "Apple TV's Airplay feature will also let guests play video, show off photos, and enjoy music from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch - right on their 42-inch LCD in-room TV."
No news on how the company is handling purchases made on the set top boxes, which are typically tied to a single Apple ID account though allows previously purchased content to be viewed on demand (in the U.S.). CNET has reached out to Starwood for more information.
The Apple TV remains a "hobby" device for Apple, though one that's seen an increase in sales in recent years. The once computer-like device has focused on streaming content from Apple's digital stores, and a handful of third-party services like Netflix and Hulu since its big remodel near the end of 2010. Apple is currently rumored to be working on the next generation of that device, which will either be a much-enhanced set top box, or a full TV set. 
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